Here’s Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Your Best Option

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Cavities can affect the strength, function, and structure of the teeth. Thankfully damage caused by decay can be reversed through the use of dental fillings. This particular service is one of the most commonly performed procedures that has helped a lot of people.

Back in the days, only silver amalgam and gold are the two options available for fillings, but now, you can have your compromised tooth beautifully restored, thanks to tooth-colored fillings. Once applied, patients can expect that the treated tooth closely resembles your original teeth. So, if you are suffering from a cavity and planning on having it filled, why not consider our tooth-colored fillings at Besho Dental Arts by Revolutionary Dental? Here are some of the possible reasons why you should give the treatment a go.

dental fillings

Safe to use

Tooth-colored fillings are a safe and durable option for the restoration of your smile. Although silver amalgam (which contains mercury) is also considered safe, some people are still allergic to them. Fortunately, there are no factors in tooth-colored fillings, which may trigger any negative reactions.

Bonds to the tooth enamel

When cavities form in the enamel, the tooth surface us not aware that a problem is already present. As it spreads, it becomes broader and deeper, causing the enamel to decay and become brittle. Tooth-colored fillings are applied to prevent the cavity from damaging the teeth further. For the treatment to work, healthy tooth enamel is required since it will hold the filling material in place.

Preserves more of the natural teeth structure

The materials for fillings bond to the tooth’s surface like an adhesive. Before the application process, your dentist will remove only the decayed portions. This allows them to retain most of their natural teeth structure and defend it from further damage due to decay.

Helps reduce tooth sensitivity

It is normal to experience sensitivity after having your tooth filled. Expect that after some time, tooth-colored fillings will no longer cause sensitivity; rather, the treatment will prevent you from experiencing discomfort due to the exposure to hot or cold substances.

Achieve a beautiful and cavity-free smile with
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