Protecting Your Child’s Smile With Custom Mouth Guards

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Did you know around 39 percent of all dental injuries in children are related to sports? Between the ages of 7 and 11, children are the most prone to experience injuries related to sports. Thankfully, many dental injuries can be prevented just by simply wearing a custom mouth guard. Make sure that you encourage your child to wear their mouth guards in order to protect their precious smile. If your child is active in sports, having a mouth guard be just as vital as the proper brushing and flossing teeth. 


To help you understand more about custom mouth guards, here are the answers to some questions about it. Read on!

What are the benefits of mouth guards?

A mouth guard is an essential piece of protective equipment. It acts to cushion the blow to the face, prevent your child’s teeth from chipping or cracking, protect your child from tooth loss, and many more. Additionally, having a mouth guard as a preventive measure is much more affordable than the cost of dental procedures to repair your child’s damaged smile. 

Can my child wear mouth guards if they have braces?

Yes, it is even more important for your child to wear custom mouth guards to prevent damage to their orthodontic treatment. Aside from that, the mouth guard will act as a barrier between braces and the cheeks or lips. Through this, pain and the risk of gum injury will be reduced if ever your child gets hit in the mouth. When your child has braces, our team here will make sure that their mouth guard is fitted correctly to give their mouth, teeth, and braces optimum protection. Additionally, if your child has worn an upper mouth guard before, our dentist may recommend a mouth guard to protect lower teeth.

What should I expect when getting a custom mouth guard for my child?

Your child will be able to have their very own custom mouth guard in just two dental visits. Each of these visits is quick (takes around 20 minutes) and painless. On the first visit, an impression of your child’s teeth and mouth will be taken in order to produce the mouth guard. Taking an impression will ensure a perfect fit. On the next visit, the mouth guard will be presented, and it will be checked if it fits your child’s mouth comfortably. 

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