What Happens During Professional Teeth Whitening? – East Brunswick, NJ

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Dentistry is not just about teeth extractions, cavity preventions, and restorative treatments; it also provides aesthetic benefits to patients. Like here at Besho Dental Arts By Revolutionary Dental, we offer cosmetic dental services. We have veneers, facial injectables, and of course, professional teeth whitening. Let’s focus on the latter treatment since it is the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry service in today’s time.

Professional teeth whitening can dramatically transform one’s smile shade. Many coffeeholics can now have a chance to whiten their stained teeth effectively because the treatment is offered in many dental clinics nowadays. Those who are frustrated with failed results of over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits can as well brighten their pearly whites successfully with the help of the dentist. They do not need to wait for years to see changes with their smiles as professional teeth whitening takes effect immediately after one session.

Teeth Whitening

Another thing that separates professional teeth whitening apart from other cosmetic dentistry services is the simple procedures it involves. All the processes associated with the treatment are straightforward—no invasive methods, no long hours in the dental chair needed. If you are planning to invest in professional teeth whitening, here are the things to expect:


Prior to the actual procedure, the dentist will first determine the shade of the patient’s untreated teeth and keep a record of it.


The dentist will buff the teeth of the patient using a semi-abrasive substance called pumice. This grainy material will eliminate unnecessary particles on the surfaces of the teeth.

Preventive Measures

The whitening ingredient may contain irritants that can compromise the state of the soft tissues in the mouth. That is why before the application of the solution, dental professionals first secure the oral structures. They use retractors to avoid the lips, tongue, and cheeks to come in contact with the whitening agent. The gum line will also be shielded. For the teeth, a gauze is utilized to retain their dryness.


Whitening gels that consist of peroxide are placed on the front surfaces of the teeth.


Some teeth whitening brands require a curing light to quicken the bleaching process while others use lasers. But if the type of teeth whitening delivered by the dentist utilizes chemically-activated products, then there will be no need for the dentist to activate the whitening agent using the mentioned mediums.


The dentist will rinse off the whitening substance from the patient’s teeth after a particular time. In some cases, the dental professional will apply fluoride on the person’s newly-treated pearly whites to lessen teeth sensitivity – the side effect of teeth whitening.

Once teeth whitening procedures are done, patients can expect improvements with their smiles. But to maintain the beautiful effects of the bleaching solution, they will need to visit the dentist for touch-ups and cleanings.

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